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How to add a project?

  • Click on “Log in” in the upper menu,
  • In the control panel under “Club”, click on “Add project”,
  • Fill in the following data: your financial goal, basic information about the project, the duration time of the project, multimedia links, project description and rewards,
  • Depending on the availability of payment processor services, provide the e-mail address of the club's PayPal account and the club's bank account number,
  • Depending on the availability of payment processor services, the verification transfer has to be done using basic monetary unit in a given country, e.g. 1 USD, 1 GBP, 1 EUR or 1 PLN  from the club's PayPal account to the FANS4CLUB.COM PayPal account and from the club's bank account to the FANS4CLUB.COM bank account. Further nformation about the accounts is given in the project editing section. Money sent in the verification transfer will be returned after the project has ended,
  • Click on “Report project for realization”,
  • The project will be launched once it is reviewed and accepted by FANS4CLUB.COM.