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You ask - we answer

Questions asked by the fans

Who can be a backer?
A backer is a person or a company that has signed up to Fans4Club platform.  A backer on is called a “fan".
How can I become a supporter?
Fans can support any project by choosing a reward and clicking “select this reward” on the project’s page. There you can find a list of rewards provided in exchange for a specific financial contribution. In this way the fans can join a chosen project. Donations are processed through the payment systems on  In order to make a donation, the fans must be logged in on
Can I see the list of fans who have already joined the project?
Yes.  Simply click on “Fan” on the project's page.
Can I join a project and remain anonymous?
Yes.  After clicking “Select this reward” it's possible to choose the option to remain anonymous. If you do so, you will only be visible to the club for the purpose of delivering the rewards.
Will the amount I’ve donated be visible to the public?
No. Such information isn't visible to the public; only clubs have access to this kind of information.
What personal information will the club receive once I join the project?
The club only receives the information which is essential to prepare the rewards and deliver them to the fans.
How does verify the identity of clubs before allowing them to post on the platform? works with well-known, recognized clubs. Nevertheless, all clubs undergo a verification process.
How can I find projects which interest me?
Click on “review” or the ______ symbol.
Will I be informed about the progress of the projects which I am supporting?
Yes, of course! We would like fans to have the most up-to-date information about projects in which they are taking part. At the same time, we do not wish to junk up your mailbox, so we will only send emails containing vital information.
What if I have a question regarding the project?
The easiest way is to direct your questions to the sponsor of the project (the club).  That’s why each project includes the club's contact details which the fans can use in case of any questions.
How often can I take part in the same project?
There is no limit. The more the better.
Can I cancel my donation?
It's impossible to cancel a donation, therefore, please think through your decision before contributing to the project.
Who is responsible for achieving the goals of the projects?
The sponsor of the project (the club) is responsible for achieving the goals which have been set.
What happens if the club’s project goals aren’t achieved?
At it doesn’t matter if the club's goals aren’t achieved -  fans still receive the rewards they’ve chosen when contributing to the project. If the goal of the project isn't achieved, gives the collected amount to the club and leaves it to them to decide how to gather the remaining part.
What if the club exceeds the goal?
In life costs often exceed initial estimates, therefore, having additional funds only helps to ensure that the project will be completed successfully.  If the amount raised is significantly greater than the costs of the project, the club will surely think about other worthwhile projects and will share the information about their plans with the fans. 
How does the club deliver the rewards to the fans?
Once you’ve chosen a reward, you will have to provide your address. This information is necessary to ship the package.
Where can I find information about the delivery time for the rewards?
Each reward included in the project has an approximate delivery time noted right below its description.
What if I don’t receive my rewards within the delivery time?
If that's the case, please contact the club via the email address provided in the project's description. This information will also be passed on, so that we can help to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
Is it possible that I will not receive my rewards if the club doesn’t reach its goals?
There is no such risk. Fans always receive the rewards for specific contributions.

Questions asked by the clubs

Who can start a project?
Sports clubs, organizations and other affiliations registered and accepted by can start a project on our platform. On the project organizer is called a “club”.
What information is necessary to register a club on
In order to register, clubs must provide information such as the club’s name, sports discipline, the league they’re competing in, the city, the country, a cover picture, the club crest, the currency to be used throughout the project, and contact information. Next, click on “register for acceptance”.
Who prepares the projects?
The projects are prepared by the clubs themselves with the help of
Can I count on your help?
What kind of help can I expect?
We help to prepare texts, graphic, and multimedia. We have experience in creating a list of rewards, which is an important part of the organization of the project. We use all of our knowledge and experience to help you.
When will my project be published?
The project will appear on the page after it's officially announced by the club. For the purpose of verifying the project, it's absolutely vital to fill in an email address for a PayPal business account as well as a bank account number. It's necessary to make a transfer of one monetary unit, for example, 1 PLN, 1USD, 1 GBP, 1 EUR from the club’s PayPal account to the PayPal account. Account information is provided with each individual project. Verification payments are returned within 5 working days after the end of the project.
Can clubs take part in more than one project at a time?
Yes, but… the number of projects a club may take part in is limited by the amount of work each project requires. If a club can handle more than one project at a time, it can take part in as many as it wishes. In our opinion, it's better to participate in one project at a time and prepare the next one later. Fans will be happy to offer continued support for your club.
Is there a limited number of projects a club can participate in, e.g. in one year?
It all depends on whether the club is able to come up with a large number of good projects that the fans will be interested in. If the answer is yes, then you should do so. Fans and clubs should work together.
What can I raise funds for?
The purpose of the project is always determined by the club and Together we support projects which bring joy, satisfaction, and pride upon completion. Only these purposes will be considered.
How much can we raise? doesn’t set an upper limit on what the clubs can collect together with the support of their fans.The passion and involvement of the fans have surprised us more than once, therefore we must take advantage of this potential.
Is it possible for the project not to work?
There is always a risk, however, not a very big one. Upon completion of the project, every club receives the money raised. regardless of whether it has achieved its goal. Completing the project is solely the club’s decision, so if the financial goals aren’t met, it’s all up to them. Rewards are always sent to fans who have taken part in the project, regardless of its success.
What can we offer to the fans who participate in a project?
Rewards must fulfill two requirements - they must be unique and deliverable. Everything else is up to the imagination and ideas of the club. strives for the purpose of the project and for the rewards to be inspiring and encouraging to take part in the project. 
How much time does the club have to deliver the rewards?
The club indicates the time it will take to deliver the rewards. It’s important to ensure that it doesn’t take too long as this will deter the fans from participating.
Who are the ambassadors?
Ambassadors are people known in the world of sports. We believe that the love for a sport’s club is something that unites people. We always try to include well-known athletes who will entice fans to take part in the projects.
Who are our partners?
Partners are entities which take direct part in the projects.They are often current sponsors of the clubs and others who are involved with the clubs. 
How much does it cost?
All costs are indicated in the section: Crowdfunding - Fees.
Which payment services are available at
The current providers of payment services for FANS4CLUB.COM are: PayPal, MangoPay, and
Where are the money kept throughout the project?
Depending on the chosen payment method, funds are kept either in the club’s account or by’s payment service provider. In the case of the latter, funds are transferred to the club’s account within 5 working days after the project ends.
When do I receive the funds for the project?
If the transfers are sent via PayPal, the funds go directly to the club’s PayPal account. If the transfers are sent through MangoPay, the funds are sent to the club within 5 working days of the end of the project.
What happens to the funds if the goal of the project isn’t achieved?
The funds are transferred to the club. The club is responsible for delivering the rewards defined in the project to all the fans who participated in the project.

Crowdfunding - Fees

What commission does FANS4CLUB.COM charge?
The commission is 5%.
What commission do the payment services charge?
The commission depends on the payment service provider. Below are the payment methods we use:
  • PayPal
  • MangoPay
Does it cost anything to register a project?
No, FANS4CLUB.COM doesn’t charge anything for registering a project.