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Here, on FANS4CLUB.COM, fans are the most important.
Without your participation, no project can be successful. You have an opportunity to create something extraordinary together with your favourite club. Don’t miss it! See previous and current projects.


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Why should you participate?

FANS4CLUB.COM is a platform which perfectly combines two important elements: on one hand, we have clubs that need funding to achieve a certain goal. On the other hand, we have fans that - by making small donations - participate in a project and get unique rewards in return. Examples of the rewards include: taking part in a training session, meeting a player, a t-shirt with an autograph and many other extraordindary products.

Do you want to do something for your club and at the same time get something special in return?

What we have in mind is the participation in exciting, well-prepared and significant projects. You will be able to check and find out how much money we have managed to raise together. You will be able to choose a project which you would like to take part in and finance it with the club and other fans. In return you will get a reward equivalent to your financial contribution. A great number of small sums can make a tremendous difference, as it will contribute to raising the required amount and help finance even endevours as big as a transfer of a new player. 

FANS4CLUB.COM is an international platform operating in many countries, hence, every fan will be able to participate in projects of his/her chosen sports club.

This is how crowdfunding works. It allows to finance a project by a number of people. The idea of crowdfunding was conceived in the USA some years ago, when the legendary group Marillion raised funds for their tour with the help of their fans.

Now the time has come to show the power of crowdfunding in sports!