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About the service.

It is the 65th minute of the match. The referee whistles. The coach makes a substitution. The audience in the stadium and in front of the screens starts to cheer like never before. It is not just another player who enters the pitch. It is the player who brought club and fans together. In the past the fans have complained that the club has not strengthened the team the way they wanted. The fans themselves have paid for the transfer of the new player and now they can see how he performs. A few minutes later the coach makes another substitution. This time it is a young player who enters the pitch. The audience goes crazy, because it is a boy who has been training at the training centre that was co-financed by the club and its fans.

Science-fiction? Just a nice dream? How can the fans buy a footballer for the club or build a training centre? They have not the power. Now they have. And they can.
In the most difficult times, when the team loses, disappoints and nothing works according to plan, the fans have to shout out “We are the team”, because the team does not exist without its fans. They shout it out to remind that the only thing in sport that lasts is the devotion, love and faithfulness of its fans to the club. The most precious thing to a fan. The devotion and care about the club and the team is often handed down from generation to generation. Furthermore, it is often strengthened by tradition and history.

And what if it was possible to convert this care into something more tangible? Become a part of the club and its actions? Why don’t you become an active initiator rather than a passive observer?
The power of the fan is a combination of his love of the club and its colors, devotion and taking interests in them but thousandfold. Such enhanced emotions can have unbelievable results. This is the vision that we are presenting to you. Because thousands and even millions of people think and dream the same and have the same aims - it can be done! This is what crowdfunding was made for.

Welcome to FANS4CLUB - the first worldwide crowdfunding-platform for professional sports clubs!

So, are you interested?